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Cars 24 | Augmented Reality Mural

The Augmented Reality Mural was done as a commission for Cars 24, the top tier marketplace for used cars around the world. 


The Idea was to celebrate the process and the cultures of the countries the firm has base in namely- India, Australia, Thailand, U.A.E, Saudi Arabia and Indonesia. 

12 License plates were designed, illustrated and further animated as an augmented reality artwork to represent the ideologies of Cars24 and vibrant cultures of the different countries. 

Location: Cars24 Headquaters, Gurgaon, India. 

The Mural comes alive via the Artivive app.

Mural Design & Illustrated: Ansh Kumar

Augmented Reality: Ansh Kumar

Production: Ayushi Rajput, Chandan, Ansh Kumar

Tools used: Adobe Illustrator, After effects, Artivive

IMG_1388.2022-10-07 00_03_23
DSC_4224 copy
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