Contours of Life


Contours of Life is an interactive installation depicting life in forms of lines, growing as the flora, represented as an extraterrestrial creature or an organism in continuous

evolution. It stands for exploring how the ecosystem co-exists. With our own acts, the ecosystem balances or disrupts as we do with it.

Our actions as the most evolved beings on the planet have an immense impact on na- ture, the terrestrial around us and that, in turn, has had equal impacts on us. We have

understood that we cannot exclude ourselves from this life that we create and which is the creator of us, humans. This powerful life existing seamlessly around us gives us the power to create and imagine from the abstraction that it is. It has helped us find

ourselves and what we as a race are capable of.

The Potted Plant is used for people to interact with the frame.

Art direction - Ansh Kumar

Design - Ansh Kumar

Screenshot 2020-03-16 at 5.17.29 PM
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