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Objet a petit | Interactive Installation

objet petit a stands for the unattainable object of desire as described in the In the psychoanalytic theory of Jacques Lacan. Here it is more in the sense of the object cause of desire as it is also sometimes called in theory.


Just as the agalma is a precious object hidden in a worthless box, so objet petit a is the object of desire which we seek in the Other. The “canvas” can take many forms, all of which are eventually unimportant, the importance lies in what is “inside” the canvas, the cause of desire.


A pond of endless possibilities in form of an

object cause for our mind towards the desire of


Art direction - Ansh Kumar

Creation - Ansh Kumar

Production: Sensisan, Vijay Lama Tamang

Tools used: Touchdesigner 

Exhibition Opening
Interactive Wall | Bareconductive