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Demons Of Creativity

The short is based on the Egyptian concept of a 'Genius', which was then, not supposedly used as an adjective for a human. Rather it was a being/soul of itself that came into a human flipping through their conscience to grow over with the situations of life fighting the battles of creation. All one had to do was to just show up for your part the job. For everything else, one couldblame it on 'Genius' (here The demons of creativity) .

Directed, Written, Designed and Animated by Ansh Kumar Includes Academic work of Architecture while at University School of Architecture and Planning.
Additional Graphics & Modeling by Kirti Bali​ Rohit Bagai Anubhav Aggarwal  
Inspired by the Ted Talk by Elizabeth Gilbert Elusive Creative Genius
Music- Leaping Ideas - August Wilhelmsson (EPIDEMIC SOUNDS)

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