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Kachra Akhada

It is our responsibility as designers to shape a positive future. Kumbh where formalities and informalities co-exist and later is mapped over former, we see our role as a facilitator to envision and also integrate within processes, collaborate various stakeholders and acting agencies for achieving positive societal transformation.

The Kachra Akada at the Kumbh, is a hub where a better future is shown, explored and discussed. The aim is to raise awareness of recycling, upcycling through workshops and community activities.

We see Plastic as the new vernacular material since it is omnipresent. The Akhara would engage to fight the issues bottom-up, unbox possibilities of using plastic waste as a material. Also, explore simple ways to manage plastic which could also be practiced at their respective homes such as the Eco bricks.

TinAF! Team: Raghav Kumar, Rohit Baggai, Ansh Kumar

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