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Mind Blowing

research. ai. art. nfts.

A research investigating the different forms that an Ai as a creator of being would play with. All artwork are generated via Artificial Intelligence through a feed data set of 2000 influences of conceptual beings.

Trained as a Generative

Adversarial Network (GAN).

The conversation here is towards breaking boundaries of colour and identities through an AI generated model to understand if we need to focus on the exterior form at all or the evolution experienced in the 'now' is more important?

What if artificial intelligence would generate beings?

Will the form have any significance?  

What would the evolution be like?


The innocence of the creator, here the AI, with no influences of discrimination or hate would create the observing and the observed in an ever evolving form. 

There would inevitably be identifiable differences of colour and form that could in turn create discriminations amongst these creatures as it is not the creator who discriminates but rather the creations themselves. 

"Is someone or something playing a game, a game with form? This is what the ancient seers of India asked themselves. They saw the world as lila, a kind  of divine game that God is playing. The individual life forms are obviously not very important in the game."

Considering the evolution of both form and colour through each timestamp, at each interval of time there is, having no time to be observed as a being of a single identity in terms of shape, size, gradient and knowledge. The being, the creation itself like its identity, would be ever evolving, hence the scope of differentiation and discrimination the normal and therefore non existing.

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