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Reflections | Interactive art Installation

The canvas here is a reflection of the subject in front of it. It represents the beauty-in-chaos inside us. The natural flow of our imagination with nature at its core.


It embodies a feeling of spiritual existence and formless peace. The juxtaposition of junk mechanical drivers with the flow of nature is to represent the beauty in the chaos of order within us.


The Interactive installation is activated by the touch and movement of different elements on the wall, creating a journey for you to experience.

Art direction - Ansh Kumar

Wall Artwork- Filatova Natalia 

Animation - Ansh Kumar

Production: Shammi Raj Bhalla, Vijay Lama Tamang

Tools used: BareConductive paint, Pi Cap, Lightform, Touchdesigner, After Effects, Pi Zero.

Interactive Wall | Bareconductive
Explaining the Installation
kid interacting with interactive wall
Interactive Wall | Bareconductive
Exhibition Opening
Interactive Wall | Bareconductive
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