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The Unbox Project

Unbox is an initiative to convert disused spaces into active spots by using such waste boxes as catalysts to attract people to these disused urban spaces.

A disused space is one such space that is not being used for any significant purpose or not being utilised to its potential.  Keeping such spaces in mind , our motive is to transform such spaces into spaces that solve a purpose in a recreational way.  We believe that even if we can contribute towards one such transformation, we’ll be taking a step ahead towards contributing in the betterment of the  SOCIETY. We are trying accomplish this by making an intervention that acts as a CATALYST to attract people in the disused public space -which acts as the CANVAS. Hence , we start our journey towards converting a GREY SPACE (disused space) into a GREAT SPACE.

ANSH PRINT for germany  (dragged)l
ANSH PRINT for germany  (dragged)
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